Jameth Mckinney is an Entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of the World-Wide PLANET SAVED Kingdom Network. He is a tech savvy minister focused on Jesus Christ. Mr. Mckinney was born in Knoxville, TN. He holds degrees in Music performance, Education and a Masters degree in Technology with over 20 years of production experience under his belt. His goals in life are to help promote the people of Jesus Christ while ministering to those people who do not yet know and understand Gods divine purpose for their lives. He has had associations with artists both small and great. Such are Bobby Jones from Bobby Jones Gospel of BET and Pastor John P. Kee (World Renown Gospel Singer) (Just to name a few). He currently resides in Charlotte, NC as he is committed to God’s people daily. He founded PLANET SAVED TV and RADIO in Charlotte, NC(2010). His goals for PLANET SAVED TV and RADIO are to offer an opportunity for people in ministry an avenue to expound their message for Christ to all people. So in doing Jameth attempts to focus on all races and nationalities as his broadcast can be heard World-Wide. Some notable areas of exposure have been referenced in places such as Africa, India and China. Jameth Mckinney has interviewed a variety of music artists, pastors, preachers, business owners and teachers globally. As he continues this mission and draws upon knowledge from Christ he welcomes all who are interested in furthering his divine mission instilled in him from Jesus Christ. To partner with his ministry or to network please contact Jameth Mckinney by visiting http://www.planetsaved.net